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Friday, October 06, 2017, 11:04
Accessory-Mad Men
By China Daily Lifestyle Premium
Friday, October 06, 2017, 11:04 By China Daily Lifestyle Premium

Guys, don’t delay – put some of the coolest rings and cufflinks on your fingers and wrists today

Beasts of London Cuban Leaf enamel ring, Stephen Webster

Throughout history, ornamental objects for men have often served as a means of expressing status and power. Today, the definition of contemporary men’s jewellery has broadened, granting quite a bit more freedom to make a distinctive personal statement. 

Jan Leslie has taken a radically different approach; the American designer is well known for her collection of cufflinks and tuxedo studs. Playful, fun and light-hearted, her pieces are aimed at unlocking the child-like wonders of men’s hearts. She opts for bright colours and unconventional motifs, with meticulously crafted details on small accessories made of precious materials such as sterling silver and hand-painted enamel. Check out the cobalt blue owl lapel pin with one removable winking eye, her take on the good-fortune maneki neko (the famed “welcoming cat” seen at the entrance to many stores) with a bobblehead, and the angel-and-devil monkey cufflink combo with movable arms and legs – matching tuxedo studs are also available to achieve that formal yet fun look. British luxury jewellery designer Stephen Webster has been in the business for more than 35 years; he received the prestigious De Beers accreditation in 1982. Webster’s collections are crafted in an array of colours and from a variety of precious materials, including white gold, sterling silver, black rhodium, diamond and pigmented enamel. His design concept – not for the faint-hearted, he says – puts the focus on primitive masculinity, with wild motifs such as beasts and their body parts, deadly thorns, mythological ravens and sophisticated geometric shapes that resemble ancient totems.

Beasts of London Lion Head ring, Stephen Webster

Beasts of London Cuban Leaf spinning ring,
Stephen Webster

Black Sapphire Star ring, Stephen Webster

Moving Monkey Angel and Devil cufflinks, Jan Leslie

Winking Owl enamel cufflinks, Jan Leslie

Images: Jan Leslie Cufflinks And Accessories; Stephen Webster

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